Since its inauguration in 2006, the Madonna International Charity Peace Award has been held annually. The Awards, are given to individual (mostly unrecognized heroes) who are engaged in charitable causes as a tool of empowering them to fulfill their projects as well as a medium to motivate others to charitable works.

The Madonna International Peace Award Recipients

2009 Recipients

Mrs. Chris Mary Maduka - Director of Omeogo Charity Home, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria received the sum of Fifteen Thousand US Dollars.

Most Rev. Dr. Rene Marie Ehouzou - Catholic Bishop of Port Novo, Benin Republic, for Catholic homes for the destitute and homeless in Benin Republic also received the sum of Fifteen Thousand US Dollars.

2010 Recipients

Archbishop Kelvin Felix - received an award of Sixty Thousand Dollars on behalf of the Haiti earthquake victims?

Most Rev. Dr. Fernando Kappalla - received an award of Forty Thousand Dollars for children relief projects in Vietnam and Philippines.

2011 Recipients

Chief Chrisopher Ezeaguka - was awarded Ten Thousand US Dollars for his free education scholarship program in Lome (Togo) for 23 out-of-school, less privileged children.

Mr & Mrs Aloysius Bubum? - Founders of Buea School for the Deaf and Dumb (with free residential, feeding, clothing and educational facilities), South West Region, Cameroon received the sum of Ten Thousand US Dollars.

Madame Ngo Djob Marie Catherine - Founder of St. Arnille Marie Handicap Center Cameroon, Littoral Province, Bepanda Cameroon? also received the sum of Ten Thousand US Dollars.

Mr. Leanghoin Hoy - a Buddhist,? received Forty Thousand Dollar for his charitable works in catering for victims (orphaned and homeless children) of the Cambodian flood.

Two surviving children of the Obiukwu family; Maureen and Celestine Obiukwu who lost 4 of children to the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalla (Boko Haram )bomb blast were given full scholarships to study Medicine and Computer Science? together (with 6 other orphaned children) Two Hundred Thousand Naira and a 4-runner Jeep.


2012 Recipients

The Missionary Sisters of Charity, Calcutta, India received $40,000 for their relentless service to the poor and less privileged in India.

Mr. Emmanuel Komoda received $10,000 for his work and selfless service of providing shelter and relief to the Nigerian (Bayelsa State) flood victims.

Deaconess Debora A. Obodo also received $10,000 for her relief project for the Nigerian (Bayelsa State) flood victims


2013 Recipients

Mr and Mrs Ray Jill Wagner - ? were awarded Forty Thousand US Dollar for their over 23 years old foster home for the disadvantaged, abandoned and abused children in England.

2014 Recipient

St. Thomas University, Florida USA. - ? was awarded Thirty Thousand US Dollars for their scholarship program and support to indigent students from poor countries.


2015 Recipients

Archbishop Joseph Ganda - recieved Forty Thousand US Dollars for the victims of the dreaded Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone

UNICEF, Nigeria - MICPA partnered and donated the sum One Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($100,000)? for relief materials at UNICEF camps for victims and people displaced by Boko-Haram terrorist activities in the Northern part of Nigeria.