The Madonna International Charity Peace Award (MICPA) was founded by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Edeh.

The award institution was inaugurated on 19th November 2006 during Madonna International Convention held in Madonna University Elele Campus.

The inauguration of this institution is one of unflinching efforts to encourage the perpetuation of Mama Omeogo's (mother of Rev. Father Edeh, who was known for her kind and generous spirit) charity through practical and effective charity which have brought peace to millions of suffering people of God all over the world.

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What We Do

The MICPA Foundation partners with unrecognized individuals and global organizations to provide relief to disaster victims, quality education to the disabled and less privileged, give voice to the disfranchised and inspire sustainable changes and peace in various communities around the world

The Madonna International Charity Peace Award (MICPA) is given to individuals and organizations that have a proven track record in several projects that promote peace and ameliorate the lives of people.


? We Recognize

? ? ? ? individuals and organizations who are leading grassroot movements in human-rights advocacy, charity endeavors, peace brokerage, thus inspiring others to do so.


? We Partner

with reputable individuals and organizations through donations of cash and relief materials to ensure high quality education, healthcare and relief to the unreached, globally.


? We Ameliorate

Together with our partners and volunteers we improve the the standard of living, access to quality healthcare, water and education to millions of lives globally, while fostering communal responsibilities and peaceful coexistence in conflict-prone regions.