Source of the Award

The continuous proceeds from the sum of 360,000 Nigerian Naira which Rev. Fr. Edeh saved from his mother, which was used in starting some petty businesses including Umuofo Community Bank, Aba, from which MayFresh Savings & Loans Ltd. (Mortgage Bankers) were established, have through the years resulted into some profit whose tithe is being dedicated to Madonna International Charity Peace Award. In fact it is the tithe of the profit from MayFresh Mortgage Bank Ltd., that is being dedicated to the Charity Peace Award. One could state that the capital base of the Madonna International Charity Peace Award is Fr. Edeh’s savings from his mother.

The Madonna International Charity Peace Award, because of the nature of its origin, is not in any way sponsored by any government or any charitable organization or NGO of any kind. It is not an award doled out after so much political and ethnic strifes have gone down the lane. It is an Award which comes out of Fr. Emmanuel Matthew Paul Edeh’s mission of practical and effective Charity whose aim is to generate peace in the hearts of millions of the world’s suffering people of God all over the world, thus bringing peace to the modern world.

Bringing peace to the modern world does not necessarily mean starting war in some part of the world and later on stopping it. Bringing peace to the modern world is creating peace and peaceful atmosphere in the hearts of men and women and thus avoiding ab initio the start of wars and tendency to strife through practical and effective charity. This is the peace that endures.

The Award, when given to charitable individuals, acts as a re-enforcement which spurs them to undertake more charitable works. This is so because human beings tend to be more charitable when they are shown gratitude and actually recognized as being charitable. So with the Award given to the charitable people, they feel appreciated and also empowered to carry on even more with their charity works in the society to touch the grass- roots.

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