Inauguration of the Award

Fr, Edeh’s mission of Practical and Effective charity and the frantic effort to maintain the continuity of Mama Omeogo charity reached its climax in the inauguration of Madonna International Charity Peace Award (MICPA) in the year, 2006 and the award of the first prize on January 9th, 2009.

The Madonna International Charity Peace Award (MICPA) was officially inaugurated on November 19th, 2006, during the Madonna International Convention which was held within Madonna University, Elele Campus.

The primary intention for the inauguration of this award is to appreciate and encourage the generous, kind and charitable deeds of many individuals who have excelled in exhibiting fraternal love and care to the world’s suffering masses. To generate through practical and effective charity, peace in the hearts of millions of the world’s suffering people of God and thus bring peace to the modern world.

The Award, when given to charitable individuals, acts as a re-enforcement which spurs them to undertake more charitable works. This is so because men tend to be more charitable when they are shown gratitude and actually recognized as being charitable. So with the award given to the charitable people, they feel appreciated and also empowered to carry on even more with their charity works in the society to touch grass-roots.

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